Sims in the Summer Showcase!

Submissions due by Sunday, June 29 11:59PM PDT! 

*Important: All submissions must follow EA’s The Sims 3 Exchange Forum Rules!* Click here to read them.


Ah, school’s out (for a lot of you), the weather’s warmer, you’re having bbqs, and you’re planning trips to theme parks.

That’s a good sign that summer’s here! So why not spend some of that extra time to participate in our:

Sims in the Summer Showcase!

Sims in summer fashion, dream parks you’d love to visit, homes for Sims to stay in during the season, stories of the best summer ever – we want to see them all. Be sure you read the FAQ afterward

Here are some ideas to get you started:

What do your Sims like to wear during this season? Light and airy? Loud and colorful? Showing some skin, perhaps?

Your favorite park to have picnics. A summer home. A theme park you wish would happen.

Do you remember your best summer ever? How about what you did during a summer vacation?

Drama about the most embarrassing sunburn or music videos featuring Sims having fun in the sun?

And we’ll be highlighting submissions as we go – check back on the Showcase page!

Get your submissions in by Sunday, June 29 11:59PM PDT!

Showcase FAQ:

Q. How do I upload to the Exchange?
A. How to upload Sims:
How to upload Lots:

Q. How do I use the Create a Story and Create a Movie Tool?
A. How to use Create a Story:
How to use Create a Movie:

Q.Can I use Custom Content?
A. If you would like to use Custom Content please make sure the content is safe, T for Teen rated, and that you give credit to the creators of the CC.

Q. I’m making a machinima but it’s on YouTube. Can I still participate?
A. Absolutely! Post the link to your YouTube video in this thread.

Q. Can I have more than one submission?
A. You certainly can! Just remember to link to all of your submissions in this thread.

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