The Sims 4 Genetics + New CAS Screenshots!

In Germany’s latest issue of “Sims Official Magazine”, images of the genetics system in TS4 have been revealed! The system will allow a player to create children, teens, adults, elders, and give them the ability to be related to one another. (Think of the engine in The Sims 3 which allowed a player to finally make Sims a couple rather than just roommates or married.) Here are some screenshots of the new system. 2871815 2871824


The screenshot below shows that only children can be created in CAS, but it is unclear if the game engine in the pictures provided is up to date since the icons look a little different from the ones shown at E3.


Really excited for CAS!

Update: Source 

I’ve added a slideshow with more CAS pictures!

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What do you guys think of Create-A-Sim so far? Comment below to discuss!



Sims Can Now Breastfeed!

Female Sims that is.

SimGuruLyndsay has not only confirmed that the baby bottles will finally be white, but Sims will also be able to breastfeed their young ones!



Lyndsay also confirmed a few other things:

  • Teen Sims can complain about their parents
  • There will be new paintings to paint created by the development team
  • Children can create art as well such as “macaroni art”, and some of the art created by children in the game was created by the development teams’ children
  • There are lots of things to collect in the Sims 4
  • Your Sims can build rockets and go on adventures in space! (“They might bring back money, space rocks, or crash coming home!”)
  • You can now make a child or teen’s parent be an elder!
  • “If your Sims own an observatory object you can listen in on the Sim in the rocket. You don’t go into space with them.”

This sounds really exciting, especially the new ability to make elders parents to young ones straight from CAS! No cheats needed, finally! Out of the new features announced by SimGuruLindsay, which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section.