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My Sims forum for house builders and custom content creators is almost done!

I’ll post another article when it’s officially done!

Sims in the Summer Showcase!

Submissions due by Sunday, June 29 11:59PM PDT! 

*Important: All submissions must follow EA’s The Sims 3 Exchange Forum Rules!* Click here to read them.


Ah, school’s out (for a lot of you), the weather’s warmer, you’re having bbqs, and you’re planning trips to theme parks.

That’s a good sign that summer’s here! So why not spend some of that extra time to participate in our:

Sims in the Summer Showcase!

Sims in summer fashion, dream parks you’d love to visit, homes for Sims to stay in during the season, stories of the best summer ever – we want to see them all. Be sure you read the FAQ afterward

Here are some ideas to get you started:

What do your Sims like to wear during this season? Light and airy? Loud and colorful? Showing some skin, perhaps?

Your favorite park to have picnics. A summer home. A theme park you wish would happen.

Do you remember your best summer ever? How about what you did during a summer vacation?

Drama about the most embarrassing sunburn or music videos featuring Sims having fun in the sun?

And we’ll be highlighting submissions as we go – check back on the Showcase page!

Get your submissions in by Sunday, June 29 11:59PM PDT!

Showcase FAQ:

Q. How do I upload to the Exchange?
A. How to upload Sims:
How to upload Lots:

Q. How do I use the Create a Story and Create a Movie Tool?
A. How to use Create a Story:
How to use Create a Movie:

Q.Can I use Custom Content?
A. If you would like to use Custom Content please make sure the content is safe, T for Teen rated, and that you give credit to the creators of the CC.

Q. I’m making a machinima but it’s on YouTube. Can I still participate?
A. Absolutely! Post the link to your YouTube video in this thread.

Q. Can I have more than one submission?
A. You certainly can! Just remember to link to all of your submissions in this thread.

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