Comical Post On The Sims 3 Forum About TS4!

SimGuruFreezerBunny just announced the full line up for the next couple of years of Sims 4 Expansion packs.

The Sims 4 Nightlife!
– Take your Sims to the all new Downtown neighbourhood. Hit the dancefloor with Mrs Crumplebottom at the exclusive limited edition nightclub downloadable from The Sims 4 Store.
SimGuruFreezerBunny: (Dating is not possible, no bowling alleys, no vampires, no DJ booth NPC as it must be manned by your Sims, downtown restaurants are rabbitholes)

The Sims 4 Pets
– Your Sims can own Cats and Dogs and fish!
SimGuruFreezerBunny: (Pets only have one life stage and can’t breed. No horses. No rabbits, birds or other small pets.)

The Sims 4 Seasons
– Let your Sims experience all four seasons and weather for the third time since 2007!
SimGuruFreezerBunny: (Only sun, rain and snow. Snow will not pile up on the ground however, the terrain will just turn white. Leaves on trees won’t turn orange or fall in autumn, but there’s a hotdog costume for dressing up your Sims unlockable by winning the hot dog contest. No trick or treating though. Holidays are not in the game.)

The Sims 4 Vacation
– Let your Sims go on holiday!
SimGuruFreezerBunny: (No new worlds. Sims can travel to the other exisiting worlds for their holidays as they can in the base game, but they now have to pay flight costs to do so. No swimming in the ocean in this game since swimming is only possible with “The Sims 4 Get yer’ Swimsuit On” Expansion Pack. Hotels are limited to one per world and aren’t customisable.)

The Sims 4 Apartment Life
– Your Sims can now live in apartments again!
SimGuruFreezerBunny: (Only one apartment per lot. They function identically to The Sims 3 Late Night apartmnets.)

The Sims 4 Open for Business!
– Your Sims can now own businesses!
SimGuruFreezerBunny: (Sims can purchase community lots and receive revenue each week, but cannot actually run them in person)

The Sims 4 Toddler Life
– Play with your young Sims in the ALL NEW toddler life stage! Yay!
SimGuruFreezerBunny: (Cribs, high-chairs, buggies, and Wugglesworth Schuggles Bear not included. All downloadable preminum content from The Sims 4 Store.)



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